Il Fait Jour's Steamed Chocolate

Il Fait Jour

For all chocolate lovers in the world. Try the delightful Steamed Chocolate from Il Fait Jour!

Feel the smooth and tender chocolate cover your tongue, lasting long in your mouth, just like fresh melted chocolate. You won't believe this flavor comes from a baked cake - it's just indescribable. Il Fait Jour

Our recipe completely overrides the concept of the classic steamed chocolate. While the traditional recipe is based on cocoa powder, 60% of the ingredient is pure couverture chocolate. Our chef Chikao SHISHIDO succeeded in creating the unique manufacturing method on emulsifying the materials with minimum thickners (patent protected).

Another outstanding feature is, you don't need refrigeration. You can keep the chocolate safe in room temperature, up to 90 days in 30 degrees celsius, without losing the taste, texture and fragrance.

Our Steamed Chocolate has now become our mainstream product, selling 140,000 pieces in valentine season, and up to 400,000 pieces in annual production.

Try a bite, and we will bring happiness to you!

Three different ways to enjoy Il Fait Jour's Steamed Chocolate

1. Pure joy from a bite!

Enjoy the standard original flavor, texture and fragrance in room temperature.

2. Heat and get cozy!

Slightly heating in the microwave (5 seconds 500w) will let you feel the fragrant cacao, just like a freshly made Steamed Chocolate.

3. Chill and feel sensational!

Chilling in the refrigerator will be another surprising experience to feel the cold chocolate slowly melt and fill your senses.

Discover the delicious flavour of Il Fait Jour

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